The historic city of Richmond, Virginia is steadily growing as a contemporary arts community. With several local and international artwork displayed in exhibitions throughout the town, it’s an excellent place for those who appreciate the fine arts. And for the top contemporary art galleries that Richmond has to offer, check out our picks below.

1. 1708 Gallery

Located at 319 West Broad Street, this nonprofit organization was established in 1978 by a group of artists who attended Virginia Commonwealth University and is devoted to showcasing emerging contemporary art to the residents of Richmond. Past and present exhibits include the stunning works of Soren Huttel and Rudy Shepherd.

2. ADA Gallery

The ADA Gallery is nestled in downtown Richmond and opened in 2003 to work with both new and established artists from across the country. Exhibitions here include Kottie Palmoa, whose works depict popular culture and urban life, and Sarah Bednarak, who created a geometric sculpture aptly called “Geometron.”

3. Art Works

This 25,000-square foot facility features five galleries and studio spaces where artists can create, display, and sell their artwork. Located at 320 Hull Street, Art Works houses a number of permanent artists and includes up-and-coming sculptures such as James Ross and Steven Lloyd.

4. Page Bond Gallery

Located at 1625 West Main Street in a 1940’s historical building, the Page Bond Gallery has 3,600-square feet of space and includes four galleries that exhibit the works of contemporary artists. Ceramics, paintings, photographs, and sculptures are all featured within the gallery and include work from modern icons such as Lucian Freud and Ryan McGinnis.

5. Reynolds Gallery

The Reynolds Gallery spans 4,400-square feet and hosts 15 exhibitions each year. Located at 1514 West Main Street, the gallery displays and sells many pieces of art created by local and international talent and includes emerging artists such as Ellsworth Kelly and Jasper Johns.

6. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

This historic museum was established in 1936 with the goal of collecting, displaying, and promoting art to Richmond residents. The museum’s extensive collection includes ancient American art, art deco, and 20th-century European pieces. Contemporary collections include sculptures created by Robert Lazzarini and photographs provided by Sally Mann. Guests can visit the museum at 200 North Boulevard.

7. Visual Arts Centre of Richmond

Located at 1812 West Main Street in a 30,000-square foot dairy building, the Visual Arts Center of Richmond has 15 studios where artists can create and teach classes and workshops. Contemporary works found here include drawings, paintings, and sculptures by Aggie Zed and paintings by Megan Marlatt.

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